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New Motor Installation Services

The motor is a small electronic gadget in the door opener. It assists in the opening and closing of the garage door. If the door cannot open or close properly, the problem could be the motor. The motor is very delicate and technical and should be repaired or replace by well trained and qualified technicians using the right tools. Unlike the broken spring which can easily be seen without dismantling the door, the motor is inside the door opener and once need to dismantle the opener to reach the motor. The motor may be partly damaged in which case at Springfield Garden garage door repair New York we advise our technician to repair only the malfunctioning part to help you cut down on the cost. In case the motor is fully damaged, our professionally trained technicians will replace it for you within no time and at a low cost too. Contact us today and your motor issues will be fixed without fail. We believe in efficiency and reliability and we never leave your issue unsolved. To ensure proper functioning of the motor and to prevent it from damages, it is important to lubricate any moving part of the motor. This will reduce friction and prevent fast wear and tear. It is also important to inspect the motor from time to time to ensure it is functioning correctly. We offer maintenance services too.

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