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Broken Spring Repair

Torsion springs in the garage door are the once that does the heavy job of lift the door up to open. The spring may only be one or two in a single door depending on the size and the weight of the garage door. It is always recommended to install two torsion springs to avoid overloading which may lead to breakage. The three main causes of spring break are;

  • Over loading- In case where you installed a single weak string to lift a heavy door
  • Friction – In most cases the friction is caused by rust due to lack of lubrication
  • Tear and wear- If the spring has been in use for long it may wear out and break

Unattended broken spring may cause other damages and at the end force for a new door installation. If you suspect a problem with the door spring, you should call Springfield Garden garage door repair immediately to fix it for you. It is unadvisable to handle the spring on your own because it is under high tension and if mishandled may injure you or cause other damages. Springfield Garden garage door repair have well trained technicians who will replace the spring with ease. We have the best prices in the town and offer attractive discount for spring replacement services. We respond instantly to your call and we fix your broken spring in a blink.

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